At Las Vegas Esthetics, we have built our reputation by partnering with and learning from the leaders in the dental field and by using superior products from companies we believe in. Please take the time to follow the following links to the Doctors and Companies we have worked with.

Myotronics Myotronics develops and manufactures state of the art evaluation and treatment devices for dentists. Since 1964 Myotronics has pioneered and lead this field, producing high quality products that have enabled what has come to be known as “Neuromuscular Dentistry” — the gathering of additional scientific data to enhance the clinician’s ability to diagnose complex cases of malocclusion.  Quality of product and strong customer support further cement Myotronics’ position as a global leader of this industry.

Join Myotronics and Las Vegas Esthetics at an upcoming course titled “Understanding Practical, Predictable Occlusion.”  This course will be held in Chicago on March 10-11, 2017.  Sign up 30 days before the course for early bird pricing.  We hope to see you there!

Occlusion ConnectionsOcclusion Connections has become the ultimate in post-graduate Neuromuscular Dental Education.  Las Vegas Esthetics is proud to be associated with Occlusion Connections and with the teachings of Dr. Clayton A. Chan.  Click to go to the Occlusion Connections Calendar to find the next scheduled course offered by Dr. Chan.

AgilityGuard – Las Vegas Esthetics is proud to be one of only three laboratories authorized to fabricate the official Triumphant AgilityGuard – a Neuromuscular Sports Guard designed by Dr. Clayton A. Chan and Dr. Joseph Andary.  Click to find a Dentist near you that offers the AgilityGuard.

The Cottonwood Dental Group in Highlands Ranch, Colorado – Las Vegas Esthetics has worked with both Dr. James DeLapp and Dr. Candace DeLapp for many years. Located in the Denver area, they are committed to providing superior patient care.

Ivoclar – Las Vegas Esthetics has used products from Ivoclar for many years. Known to be an international manufacturer of high quality dental materials, Ivoclar’s products are used in over 100 countries throughout the world. They are the manufacturer for such products as Empress and the more recently developed e.max system.

Las Vegas Institute (LVI Global) – The Las Vegas Institute is known for post-graduate Dental Education.  Las Vegas Esthetics is proud to have participated for over 11 years in live-patient courses at LVI and has sent many technicians to learn from their technician courses.