“I chose Las Vegas Esthetics for lab support for my posterior esthetics course at LVI. Their restorations are so excellent that course attendees can concentrate on the ‘dentist’ part of the restorative equation without being concerned about fit or esthetics. LVE’s restorations routinely drop into place untouched, leaving the patient and the dentist blown away by the results.”
- Ronald D. Jackson, D.D.S.

“Las Vegas Esthetics habitually fabricates restorations that are both functionally and esthetically pleasing. The quality of their product along with the fact that Las Vegas Esthetics is a joy to work with makes the seating of restorations a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both the doctor and patient. Las Vegas Esthetics Dental Laboratory delivers what today’s quality oriented dentist demand. I could not be happier with their work.”
- Robert J. Jose, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.
Montana; LVI Graduate

“Ray A. Foster is an essential business partner to me. Las Vegas Esthetics consistently delivers exactly what I need, often in accelerated time frames. My practice and my patients are the beneficiaries of Las Vegas Esthetics’ exceptionally high standards.”
- Michael Morell, D.D.S.
Washington; LVI Preferred Dentist

“Relationship and Results are EVERYTHING, a rare combination in conjunction with ethics and constant communication.  Ray Foster and his team at Las Vegas Esthetics provide the finest restorations along with all necessary support for prosthetics with a natural, life like appearance.  They are truly a part of your team and offer their full and exceptional support and assistance.
- Byron M. Blasco, D.M.D.
Las Vegas, NV

“My experience with Ray A. Foster and the Las Vegas Esthetics team has been wonderful. Their impeccable craftsmanship along with their dedication to timeliness allows for me to better serve my patients and be more secure in my work. I also appreciate the peace of mind that comes from working with Las Vegas Esthetics, knowing that the restorations will be perfect and that they are accommodating.”
- Chong Lee, D.D.S.
McLean Virginia, Galleria Aesthetic Dentistry

“Simply put, Ray and his team at Las Vegas Esthetics deliver beautiful teeth in a timely and professional manner. From communications to cementation, Las Vegas Esthetics is ahead of all other labs.”
-Sherry P. Tsai, D.D.S.
Millbrae California, Cosmetic Dentist

“Ray and the Las Vegas Esthetics team have surpassed my expectations. It is rare that quality is not compromised for efficiency, but Las Vegas Esthetics provides prompt service and amazing results. Their attention to detail is impressive and the return is nothing less than perfection. I will certainly continue to do business with them and look forward to building a lasting relationship.”
-Kathleen Carson, D.D.S.
Westlake California, Cosmetic Dentist